Ref bus 'live' data map []

Good concept, and quite hypnotic. Would like to understand more about the bus routes, but at the moment this web page looks rather too fragile to use.

1) Buses often appear to be in duplicate, or even triplicate, traversing the same route and starting and stopping together.

2) The symbols do not represent 'live' data - I can see Milton Road from my house, and buses a) do not appear when they should according to the map, but b) others which are not on the map appear without warning;

3) Occasionally buses take off across parks and through blocks of houses at great speed.

Could you indicate reasons and an idea of magnitude of the problem, please?

For example, appears that para 1 above is because some buses have two transponders, and 2b is because other buses do not have any, but an indication of roughly how many would be helpful. Thanks.