Hi, we've just added this forum to the SmartCambridge platform this week (26th Sept 2017)...

To add posts you wil need to create an account (click the 'Sign Up' button at the top of the page, and when you've done the email confirmation you can then click 'Sign In' and you should be good to go).

The forum seemed like a good idea but we haven't worked out yet which sub-forums would make sense, so bear with us. In the meantime feel free to post on here. In general we expect to have a forum for read-only (to you) News Updates, plus maybe a 'Introduce Yourself' and forums specifically about each facet of the platform, e.g. 'Buses', 'Air Quality', 'Car Parking', 'Cambridge Sensor Network', or anything else that comes along that seems important enough.

As with everything on this platform, it's a continual work-in-progress. The good news is we're continually adding stuff, the downside might be the slight 'development nature' of some of the content of the platform. Any helpful comments appreciated.

Ian Lewis