Over the last couple of months we've made a number of changes to the SmartCambridge platform. The significant user-visible changes include:

  • Various SmartPanel improvements, including support for portrait layouts. See this forum post for more details
  • Adding API access to various datasets maintained by the SmartCambridge platform. See the SmartCambridge API forum for more details
  • Adding traffic flow monitoring to additional roads (and tidying some of the existing ones). See this forum post for more details
  • Adding transit distance and derived speed to the output of traffic flow monitoring
  • Improved links between the traffic flow pages - for example by adding links to information about traffic flow in the other direction
  • Adding scale to traffic maps
  • Adding the ability to import and export SmartPanel definitions
  • Providing a set of Terms and Conditions for use of the platform (and requiring SmartPanel and API users to accept them)
  • Fixing a number of broken links to external web pages
  • Increased the use of secure (https) connections on the platform

There's also been a significant amount of internal change both to support these new features and to rationalise parts of the platform to support future developments.