The API we introduced last year has proved useful, but feedback has shown that many potential users just want a simple way to download data in bulk so it can be imported into other analysis packages. While the existing API can do this, doing so requires programming skills that some potential users don't have.

To address this we've add a new feature that makes it easy to download extracts of our Air Quality, Car Parking and Traffic Speed data in CSV ('comma separated variable') form that should be easy to import into a wide range of tools.

This new feature can be accessed at and from the 'Access to data' link on the front page. Exactly what's available varies a bit from data source to data source, but generally we provide yearly archives for past complete years, monthly archives for past complete months, and daily archives for complete days in the current month. This means you can, with a bit of work, access all our archived data up to yesterday. We have also provided access to related 'medadata' (for example names and locations of sensors) and descriptions of what each column of data represents.

This feature is intended to be used interactively - to access data from programs and apps you will probably be better using the original API.

We've called this the 'Download Service' or 'Download API' and we've re-branded the original API as the 'Program API'.