Hint for those out there creating their own custom SmartPanels, derived from a slight misunderstanding I've noticed...

While you develop your carefully designed grid layout of selected widgets, you can hit the VIEW button and see how your creation will look. This is intended as a temporary view of the LAYOUT so you can iterate your design quickly.

For anything other than iterative development use, you must create a DISPLAY https://smartcambridge.org/smartpanel/display/new/ and you will be prompted via a dropdown to choose an existing layout to assign to that display, so you'd choose the one you designed above. The permanent URL you use is then the one given in the map popup for your DISPLAY (on your "My Displays" page) which will look like:


Instead of ABCD-1234 you use the similar code assigned to your display.

We need to do a better job of making this clear, and will improve the "My Displays" info.