SmartPanels display travel information in the lobbies of public buildings to inform travel choices.

These panels take advantage of the real-time processing capabilities of the Adaptive Cities platform to make up-to-the-minute information available to the travelling public. Displays are geo-located to automatically display relevant information and can be further customised by local managers.

SmartPanels are under active development, but can currently display:

  • Bus positions and timings
  • Bus departure times
  • Train departure times
  • Google traffic maps
  • Weather forecasts
  • Twitter timelines (in particular traffic-related feeds)
  • Static messages
  • Live copies of other web pages

The Adaptive Cities program is part of Smart Cambridge which is itself supported by The University of Cambridge, Connecting Cambridgeshire and Greater Cambridge partnership.

The SmartPanel development makes use of a variety of third-party products and services, including: